Ansell Alpha-Tec 1500 Red Coverall High-Performance Protective Suit for Hazardous Environments - Model 138 Size Small

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The Ansell AlphaTec 1500 Coverall: Unparalleled Protection and Comfort

For professionals in industrial environments, the Ansell AlphaTec 1500 Coverall Red Model 138 in size Small offers exceptional protection against hazardous particulates while ensuring maximum comfort. This advanced protective garment is designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial applications, combining superior material technology with practical features.

Exceptional Particulate Protection
The AlphaTec 1500 Coverall is crafted from breathable SMS (spunbond/meltblown/spunbond) material, providing Type 5/6 protection. This classification indicates its effectiveness against hazardous particulate aerosols (Type 5) and limited liquid splashes (Type 6). Proven through the Kaken particle penetration test, the coverall filters 100% of particles greater than 3 microns, ensuring a high level of safety for the wearer. This makes it ideal for environments where airborne particulates pose a significant risk.

Designed for Comfort and Breathability
One of the standout features of the AlphaTec 1500 Coverall is its breathable design. The SMS material is permeable to air and water vapour, helping to reduce the risk of heat stress during extended wear. This breathability is crucial for maintaining comfort in hot and humid conditions, allowing workers to stay focused and productive throughout their shift.

Silicone-Free for Sensitive Applications
Understanding the specific needs of various industrial processes, the AlphaTec 1500 Coverall is silicone-free. This attribute is particularly important in spray painting applications where the presence of silicone could interfere with paint adhesion and finish quality. By eliminating silicone, the coverall ensures that the integrity of sensitive operations is maintained, providing peace of mind for both workers and quality control managers.

Practical and Versatile
The AlphaTec 1500 Coverall is designed with practicality in mind. Its red color provides high visibility, which is an added safety feature in busy industrial settings. Available in size Small, it caters to a wide range of body types, ensuring that every worker can find a fit that offers both protection and comfort. The coverall’s ergonomic design allows for easy movement, enabling workers to perform their tasks efficiently without feeling restricted.

The Ansell AlphaTec 1500 Coverall Red Model 138 is an outstanding choice for professionals seeking reliable protection against hazardous particulates in industrial environments. Its combination of proven particle filtration, breathable material, and silicone-free construction makes it a versatile and essential piece of personal protective equipment. By prioritizing both safety and comfort, Ansell ensures that workers can operate with confidence and efficiency, even in challenging conditions.

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