High-Visibility BSEEN PU Jacket in Safety Yellow, Size XXL

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Elevate Your Safety with the BSEEN PU Jacket SY XXL

Advanced Fabric for Optimal Comfort
Constructed from breathable polyester with a robust PU coating, the BSEEN PU Jacket SY XXL is engineered to provide superior comfort and long-lasting durability. The breathable fabric helps regulate body temperature, preventing overheating during intense activities. This jacket is certified to meet standards, guaranteeing high visibility and ensuring you remain conspicuous in all working conditions.

Unrivaled Weather Protection
The BSEEN PU Jacket SY XXL is designed to offer exceptional protection against harsh weather. It boasts an rating for water penetration resistance, meaning you stay dry even in the most torrential rain. The Class 1 air permeability rating ensures that while the jacket keeps water out, it remains breathable, providing a comfortable balance that protects you from the elements without sacrificing comfort.

Functional and Thoughtful Design
This jacket features a range of practical design elements that enhance its functionality and usability. The concealed hood provides extra protection when needed and can be conveniently stowed away, maintaining the jacket’s streamlined appearance. The full zip front is complemented by a double storm flap, adding an extra layer of defense against wind and rain, ensuring no moisture penetrates the jacket.

The self double yoke back design enhances durability, making the BSEEN PU Jacket suitable for the toughest work environments. Lower pockets with flaps provide secure and dry storage for essential items. Elasticated storm cuffs ensure a snug fit around the wrists, preventing water and wind from entering the sleeves.

Enhanced Safety Features
Safety is a key focus in the design of the BSEEN PU Jacket SY XXL. Reflective materials are strategically incorporated to maximize visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring you remain easily noticeable during night shifts or in poorly lit areas. The seams of the jacket are both stitched and welded, enhancing its overall durability and ensuring it can withstand rigorous use.

Certified for Rigorous Standards
The Class 3 high visibility certification ensures you are easily seen in any environment, while the water resistance and air permeability ratings guarantee you stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather.

For professionals who require a high-visibility jacket that offers superior protection against the elements, the BSEEN PU Jacket SY XXL is an outstanding choice. Its combination of high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and adherence to stringent safety standards make it a reliable addition to your work attire. Invest in the BSEEN PU Jacket SY XXL to ensure you remain safe, visible, and comfortable, regardless of the challenges your workday presents.

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