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The ColdStore Coverall Heavy-Duty is a reliable heavy-duty, all-in-one coverall for maximum protection from the cold. It is designed to be warm and unrestrictive, with reflective tape, oversized hip pockets, reinforced knee patches, knee length zippers, and hook & loop fastening for easy fitting. Additionally, it provides chest and clear ID pockets for added security and personalisation. Moreover, it offers back-elastication for extra comfort.

  1. Abrasion Resistant Oxford Polyester: The garment is made from durable and tough oxford polyester fabric that can withstand rough handling and abrasion.

  2. Quilt Lined for Thermal Insulation: The quilted lining provides excellent thermal insulation, ensuring warmth in cold conditions.

  3. Elasticated Back Waist for a Secure Fit: This feature allows for a snug and secure fit around the waist, ensuring the garment stays in place during work activities.

  4. Knitted Cuff for Comfort and Warmth: The knitted cuff provides a comfortable and warm seal around the wrists.

  5. Reflective Tape for Increased Visibility: The reflective tape enhances visibility in low-light conditions, which is crucial for safety.

  6. Zipped Ankles for Easy Fitting Over Work Boots: This feature allows for easy donning and removal of the garment over work boots.

  7. Concealed Hook and Loop Fastening: This type of fastening provides secure closure without exposed parts that could catch on objects or machinery.

  8. Extremely Water Resistant Eco-Conscious Fabric Finish: The fabric is treated to be highly water-resistant, and it's eco-conscious, indicating consideration for environmental impact. Water beads up and rolls off the fabric's surface.

  9. Fleece Lined Collar for Added Warmth: The collar is lined with fleece, providing extra insulation and trapping heat to keep the neck area warm.

  10. EN342 Protection Against Cold Certified: This certification ensures that the garment provides protection against cold temperatures, certified up to an impressive -58°C.

  11. 6 Pockets for Ample Storage: This garment provides plenty of storage space for various tools and equipment.

  12. Knee Pad Pockets: These pockets are designed to accommodate knee pads, adding an extra layer of protection and comfort for the wearer.

  13. Phone Pocket: There's a designated pocket specifically designed to hold a phone, ensuring it's secure and easily accessible.

  14. Pack Away Hood for Added Functionality: The hood can be packed away when not in use, adding functionality and versatility to the garment.

  15. Two-Way Zip for Quick and Easy Access: The two-way zipper allows for convenient and fast access to the garment, enhancing ease of use.

  16. Radio Loop for Easy Clipping of a Radio: This loop provides a convenient and secure attachment point for a radio.

  17. ID Card Holder: This feature allows for the easy display of an identification card.

  18. CE Certified: This certification indicates that the garment meets European safety standards.

  19. UKCA Marked: This marking indicates compliance with UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) standards, ensuring it meets specific UK regulations.

Shell Fabric : 100% Polyester Oxford, Stain Resistant Finish 150g


Lining Fabric : 100% Polyester 60g


Filling Fabric : 100% Polyester 300g

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