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This winter essential beanie is designed to keep you warm with a soft fleece outer and Insulatex inner lining. The high warmth to weight ratio and adjustable brim make this an excellent choice for cold weather conditions and wearing under a helmet.

  1. Anti-Pill Durable Fleece Fabric: This indicates that the fleece fabric used is both durable and treated to resist the formation of small, fuzzy balls (pills) on the surface of the fabric. This helps maintain the fabric's appearance and performance over time.

  2. InsulatexPro Lining for Superior Warmth: This lining is designed to provide superior warmth without adding unnecessary weight. It suggests that the product is well-insulated, keeping the wearer warm in cold conditions.

  3. Darts for Additional Shaping: Darts are small, folded sections of fabric that are sewn into clothing to create shape and contour. This feature suggests that the product is designed with attention to detail and fit, providing a more tailored and flattering look.

  4. Available in an Excellent Choice of Corporate Colors: This indicates that the product is offered in a selection of colors that are suitable for professional or corporate settings. This allows for customization based on specific branding or uniform requirements.

  5. Retail Tag: As mentioned earlier, this is a tag attached to the product providing information about the item, such as brand, size, care instructions, and price. It's intended to enhance the presentation of the product for retail sales.

Shell Fabric : 100% Polyester, Anti-Pill finish Fleece 280g


Lining Fabric : InsulatexPro: 100% Polyester 40g

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