Women's High Visibility Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Size XXL - Superior Safety and Stylish Comfort

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Stay Safe and Stylish with the Ladies HiViz or S/S Polo in XXL

Maximum Visibility for Optimal Safety
The Ladies HiViz or S/S Polo in XXL meets the stringent Class 2 high visibility standards. This ensures that you are easily noticeable in various lighting conditions, making it an ideal choice for professions that require high visibility clothing, such as construction, road maintenance, and emergency services. The bright, reflective material enhances your visibility from a distance, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Designed for Comfort
Safety gear should be comfortable enough to wear all day, and the Ladies HiViz or S/S Polo excels in this aspect. Made from premium, breathable fabric, this polo is lightweight and designed to keep you cool and comfortable. The short sleeves allow for a full range of motion, making it perfect for active work environments. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your shift.

Functional and Fashionable
The Ladies HiViz or S/S Polo proves that safety apparel can be both practical and stylish. The ergonomic design is tailored to fit and flatter the female form, providing a sleek and modern look. This polo is not only functional but also versatile, transitioning seamlessly from the job site to casual settings. Its stylish design ensures that you can look good while staying safe.

A Comprehensive Range of Sizes
This polo is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different body types and visibility requirements. While the XXL size conforms to Class 2 standards, ensuring high visibility, the XS size adheres to Class 1 standards, offering slightly different visibility levels. This variety ensures that every individual can find a perfect fit that meets their safety needs.

The Ladies HiViz or S/S Polo in XXL is an essential piece of safety apparel for anyone working in environments where visibility is critical. Combining high visibility with superior comfort and style, this polo ensures you stay safe and look great. Whether you’re on the job or out for a casual outing, trust the Ladies HiViz or S/S Polo to keep you visible, comfortable, and stylish.

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