Microgard 1500 Plus Disposable Coverall - White, Extra Large

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Presenting the Microgard 1500 Plus Disposable Coverall: Ultimate Protection with Superior Comfort

For professionals working in environments where safety and cleanliness are critical, the Microgard 1500 Plus Disposable Coverall in white, size XL, provides exceptional protection combined with unparalleled comfort. This coverall is meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial tasks, ensuring that workers remain safeguarded and comfortable throughout their workday.

Unmatched Protective Features
The Microgard 1500 Plus Coverall is designed for high-risk environments such as asbestos handling, general maintenance, construction, and contract cleaning. Its construction offers robust protection against hazardous substances while maintaining breathability. The coverall conforms to several key safety standards, including Type 5 and Type 6 protection, for radioactive particulate protection, and for antistatic properties.

Comfort-Driven Design
A standout feature of the Microgard 1500 Plus Coverall is its highly breathable material. This design helps to mitigate heat stress, ensuring that workers stay comfortable even during extended periods of use. The coverall is also treated with an anti-static agent, crucial for preventing static electricity build-up in sensitive environments.

The 3-piece hood design ensures a better fit and enhanced protection for the head. Elasticated elements at the hood, wrists, waist, and ankles secure a snug fit, effectively minimizing the risk of contaminants entering the suit. Additionally, the coverall includes finger loops to keep sleeves in place during overhead work, enhancing both protection and ease of movement.

Practical and User-Friendly
The Microgard 1500 Plus Coverall is equipped with a 2-way front zipper and a resealable storm flap. This feature ensures that the coverall is easy to put on and take off, while maintaining a secure barrier against hazardous materials. The zipper design also provides convenience, allowing workers to access underlying clothing or equipment without fully removing the coverall.

Versatility and Reliability
Designed to be versatile and reliable, the Microgard 1500 Plus Coverall excels in various settings. Its antistatic properties are particularly beneficial in environments where electronic components are handled or where static discharge could pose a risk. Whether in construction, maintenance, or specialized cleaning tasks, this coverall provides comprehensive protection while allowing workers to perform their duties efficiently and comfortably.

The Microgard 1500 Plus Disposable Coverall in white, size XL, is an outstanding choice for professionals requiring reliable protection in demanding industrial environments. With its combination of breathable material, anti-static treatment, and thoughtful design features, this coverall offers both safety and comfort. By meeting essential safety standards and incorporating practical elements, the Microgard 1500 Plus ensures that workers are well-protected and can maintain high productivity levels. Whether handling asbestos, performing maintenance, or engaging in construction and cleaning tasks, this coverall stands out as a dependable and essential piece of protective equipment.

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