ProShield 20 SFR White XXL - Ultimate Protection for Professionals

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ProShield 20 SFR White XXL: Your Secondary Shield in Hazardous Environments

Superior Protection Design
The ProShield 20 SFR White XXL is meticulously crafted with a three-piece hood and elasticated face, wrists, and ankles. This design provides a snug fit that seals out contaminants effectively, ensuring maximum protection. The coverall’s ability to shield against particles and liquid splashes makes it a reliable choice for those working in hazardous environments such as petrochemical facilities, railway operations, and welding workshops.

Enhanced Durability
A standout feature of the ProShield 20 SFR White XXL is its stitched external orange seams. These seams not only enhance the garment's durability but also serve as a clear visual indicator of its protective capabilities. This design choice underscores the coverall’s role as a secondary protective layer, offering an additional barrier of safety over primary FR garments.

Versatile Applications
The ProShield 20 SFR White XXL is versatile and suitable for various applications. Whether in the petrochemical industry, railway maintenance, welding, or other high-risk environments, this coverall provides essential protection. Its design and certifications make it an excellent choice for professionals who need reliable, secondary protection in their work environments.

The ProShield 20 SFR White XXL stands as a testament to advanced safety engineering, offering a secondary protective layer that meets rigorous safety standards. Its comprehensive design, enhanced durability, and versatile applications make it a vital piece of safety gear for professionals in hazardous industries. Investing in ProShield 20 SFR White XXL means prioritizing your safety and ensuring you have the best protection available. In high-risk environments, this coverall offers the assurance and peace of mind needed to perform tasks with confidence.

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