Orange/Black Two Tone Constructor Bomber Jacket - 3XL Size Stylish Men's Outerwear

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Discover Unmatched Protection with the Two Tone Constructor Bomber Jacket 3XL

Built Tough for Enduring Durability
The Two Tone Constructor Bomber Jacket 3XL is crafted with a heavyweight two-tone Polyester Oxford outer shell, reinforced with a robust PU coating. This combination ensures exceptional durability, offering resistance against abrasions, tears, and harsh weather conditions. Whether facing rugged terrain or challenging climates, this jacket remains steadfast, providing reliable protection day in and day out.

Functional Design for Enhanced Utility
Every feature of the Two Tone Constructor Bomber Jacket 3XL is designed with practicality in mind. The press stud flap and fully taped seams bolster its weather-resistant properties, shielding the wearer from moisture and wind. With two lower front pockets featuring flaps, an internal breast pocket, and a separate phone pocket, this jacket provides ample storage for tools, gadgets, and personal items, ensuring they remain secure and within reach at all times.

Versatile Features for Adaptability
Equipped with a concealed hood and drawcord discreetly integrated into the collar, this jacket offers versatility without compromising on style. Whether it's braving sudden downpours or maintaining a sleek appearance, users can easily adapt to changing weather conditions with ease.

High Visibility for Maximum Safety
The Two Tone Constructor Bomber Jacket ensures wearers remain highly visible even in low-light environments. This feature is crucial for workplaces where visibility is critical, such as construction sites, roadworks, or industrial settings, significantly enhancing safety for all personnel.

Certified Performance for Peace of Mind
This jacket boasts Class 3 resistance to water penetration and Class 1 air permeability. This certification underscores its ability to provide superior protection against moisture while maintaining breathability for comfort during extended wear.

Convenient External Phone Pocket for Added Convenience
In addition to its internal phone pocket, the Two Tone Constructor Bomber Jacket features an external phone pocket for added convenience. Positioned for easy access and secure storage, users can keep their devices close at hand without compromising safety or comfort.

In essence, the Two Tone Constructor Bomber Jacket 3XL epitomizes the pinnacle of safety wear innovation, seamlessly blending durability, functionality, and visibility into a single, indispensable garment. Whether navigating challenging work environments, enduring the elements outdoors, or tackling industrial tasks, this jacket serves as the ultimate safety companion, ensuring the protection, comfort, and performance of wearers in every endeavor.

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