VisTex SMS Coverall Type 5/6

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VisTex SMS Coverall Type 5/6 is an ideal choice for high visibility protection in low light conditions. Featuring 3-layer laminate construction for enhanced protection, this coverall also offers superior tear and tensile strength while maintaining ease of movement for comfort. Hi-Vis reflective tape ensures enhanced visibility in dim lighting.

  1. Reflective Tape for Increased Visibility: The garment is equipped with reflective tape, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions, which is important for safety.

  2. Effective Barrier Against Particulates, Aerosols, and Light Sprays: This garment provides reliable protection against small particles, aerosols, and light liquid sprays.

  3. Anti-Static: The fabric is treated to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can be important in certain work environments.

  4. Designed with a Comfort Fit: The garment is tailored for comfort, ensuring that it fits well without causing discomfort or restrictions during movement.

  5. Elasticated Cuffs for a Secure Fit: The cuffs are designed to be stretchable and snug-fitting, providing a secure seal around the wrists.

  6. Ergonomically Shaped Hood for a Perfect Fit: The hood is contoured for a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring it stays in place during use.

  7. External Standards Label: This label allows for quick identification of the garment's protection levels and compliance with industry standards.

  8. Two-Way Zip for Quick and Easy Access: The two-way zipper allows for convenient and fast access to the garment, enhancing ease of use.

  9. Retail Bag for Presentation: The product is packaged in a retail-friendly bag, which not only protects it during transit but also enhances its presentation on store shelves.

  10. CE Certified: This certification indicates that the garment meets European safety standards.

  11. UKCA Marked: This marking indicates compliance with UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) standards, ensuring it meets specific UK regulations.

  12. CE-CAT III: This signifies that the garment is rated for protection in Category III, indicating it's designed to protect against life-threatening hazards or risks.

Shell Fabric : BizTex SMS 55g

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